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Experienced Defense From A Former Judge

After 20 years as a judge, I can tell you first hand that the consequences for a criminal conviction are severe. If you find yourself accused of a crime, you may be facing more than jail time or fines. A criminal record can mean you no longer have access to vital services like housing aid and that you are no longer eligible for education or child care assistance. As your attorney, I put your case in context and help you create a defense that protects you.

I am attorney Archie L. Hayman. I am intimately aware of how the court thinks and how judges treat criminal cases. I can use my 360-degree knowledge to help you find a solution to your criminal defense case. Reach me today at 810-202-3893.

How I Help You When Accused Of A Crime

As your defense lawyer, my job is to help you find a positive outcome. This requires attention to detail and dedication to getting your best outcome. I can help you through the criminal justice system and minimize your sentence. To do this, I am committed to quality legal service that:

  • Examines all the evidence and ensures that inappropriately obtained evidence is not brought before the court
  • Any violations of your rights by police or criminal justice officials are recognized
  • You have access to a full range of solutions, including diversion programs

Regardless of the accusation, be it shoplifting, drug use, assault or rape, I have the experience to go before a judge and argue your best case. This includes aggravated charges and charges involving firearms.

A Unique Approach To Criminal Defense

Very few people see all sides of the criminal justice system. I have presided over trials, worked with prosecutors and serve as defense counsel. I understand each party’s motivation. Most importantly, I know how to leverage the system on your behalf. Reach my office at 810-202-3893 to ensure you have a fair trial.


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Drug Trafficking


Drug Distribution


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